Why We’re Wild About Dreams

Why We’re Wild About Dreams

We’ve been talking a lot about dreams lately. There’s a good reason for that. It’s because we (especially me!) believe a whole lot in people’s dreams.


Dreams are the reason why I started DENOR Brands & Public Relations. And it is most certainly, without a doubt, the reason why I started #LiveYourBrand.


While I work with business owners through my work with DENOR, I help them on a different level through #LiveYourBrand. I deal directly with entrepreneurs and their dreams on this side of the business. It gives me joy!


Through #LiveYourBrand, I help aspiring entrepreneurs move beyond talking about their dreams to actually living them.


I help newbie business owners face their overwhelm and conquer their procrastination with action-oriented experiences and products specifically designed to help them put their goals into action.


As a marketing communication professional and serial entrepreneur, I’ve met hundreds of new small business owners and those who are still in the idea stage. The entrepreneurial bug had seduced many of these people, and many of them could not move beyond the seduction to get into action.


Second encounters and other chance follow-up meetings revealed that many were crippled by information overload and a severe case of the Do Nothing Blues.


So many of these people had immense potential, but they were consumers. They consumed so many books, so many classes, and so many pieces of content on social media. Sound familiar? But they failed to do one thing: ACT. That’s why I create experiences and products to motivate, push, and inspire emerging and aspiring entrepreneurs to stop playing business and start actually doing business.


This is why #LiveYourBrand (and DreamFest Digital and Dream It. Live It.) is so important. And this is why we’re so wild about dreams. It’s because we actually want you to live them.


I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing so many people who’ve learned how to harness their power and realize their dreams. I’ve witnessed people like:


  • John Little, who grew up attending some of the toughest schools in his community and, like many youngsters, dealt with his fair share of self-esteem issues and limiting beliefs. He was ultimately expelled from high school, and after a few run-ins with the law and an acute awareness of what his future could hold had he stayed on that path, John made the decision to walk in his purpose to serve others. Fast forward years later and John is an influential political strategist and community advocate who is committed to improving the outcomes for students and their families in his hometown. He is living proof that ‘it is not about how you start, it’s about how you live your life along the way.’


  • Janelle Rucker, a former newspaper journalist, who is the dynamic founder of ReTyped, a collection of stories that aims to force us to collectively rethink the many stereotypes, that for many people, define us. Janelle herself has busted many stereotypes in her own life and she’s committed to using power of story to build empathy, change the way we see each other, and break the stereotypes that often hinder us.


  • Ashley Foxx, who started out thinking she’d become a journalist, but life took her in a different direction and she became a sought-after and well respected educator, a nationally acclaimed children’s book writer (get familiar with Keisha Cane and Her Very Sweet Tooth!), and book publisher (check out Bet on Black: African American Women Celebrate Fatherhood in the Age of Barack Obama and Yani and Shani’s Rainy Day). She’s a living, breathing, thriving example of a true ‘multi-potential-ate.’


  • Brittany Butler, aka MissBFab, who went from a struggling college graduate to an online business sensation. Brittany knows what it is like to build a business from scratch. What’s more is that she does it all – completely debt free! Perhaps Brittany’s biggest claim to fame is the fact that she helped her family get out of $90,000 worth of debt in under two years.


Each of these talented individuals inspires us (and me!) and it’s exactly why they are all set to speak during DreamFest Digital. Learn more about John, Janelle, Ashley, and Brittany at DreamFestDigital.com.


We hope you’ll be there to listen and learn from them!


Get your tickets online at DreamFestDigital.com.

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