What is Boys Prep Catalyst: An Interview with Raymond Allmon

What is Boys Prep Catalyst: An Interview with Raymond Allmon


We sat down with Boys Prep Catalyst Founder Raymond Allmon to learn more about the goals and mission of the organization.


Boys Prep Catalyst’s mission is to spark innovative PreK3-12th grade all-boys schools in cities with more than 10,000 male students of color and high school graduation rates below 50 percent, and to help those schools and their students succeed. The cornerstone school will be founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


Boys Prep Catalyst is one of four organizations that will be supported by DreamFest Digital, our all virtual conference for entrepreneurial leaders. Raymond is also one of the dynamic speakers set to talk about leadership during DreamFest.


Our questions, and Raymond’s answers, are below.


What sort of programs will help the mission succeed? 

Our theory of change is that “people change the world”. We are investing deeply in programs that increase service capacity in folk to serve in and around Boys Prep schools around the nation.


What inspired this program? 

I had my children, two boys, at a young age. The struggles that I had as a young parent and the eventual success that my sons had in school inspire me to work to provide world-class educational opportunities to boys of color.


Is there any other program like this?

No, there is not a single site, public, PreK3-12th grade school for boys that exists here in Louisiana. 


What has the success been thus far? 

We are in the startup phase where our success has been largely measured by building a strong governing board and raising startup funds.


Where would you like see Boys Prep Catalyst in five years

In 5 years, Boys Prep of Baton Rouge will be operating with excellence, and plans will be underway for Boys Prep Texas.


To learn more about the mission of Boys Prep, watch this video.


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