Top 10 Reasons to Attend DreamFest Digital

Top 10 Reasons to Attend DreamFest Digital

Since we announced we were hosting DreamFest Digital, our signature all online conference for entrepreneurial leaders to be on held November 8-10, we’ve been fielding lots of questions. Most folks we’ve talked to thought our inaugural conference sounded like an awesomely amazing idea. They wanted us to share why we thought the conference was amazing. That’s when we sat down to come up with our list, Top 10 Reasons to Attend DreamFest Digital.


From getting inspiration to living your dream, there are many reasons why we think DreamFest Digital is going to be a blast. And below are 10 reasons we (especially me!) think you should make plans to attend.


You should attend #DreamFest2016 so that you can:


Be Inspired.


We’re preparing to serve up a super dose of inspiration. DreamFest attendees will hear from those who’ve done the hard work to turn their idea into a real-life thing. We’re going to hear from experts and leaders in music, publishing, education, faith, and business.


Attendees will hear from:


  • A GRAMMY Award winning music producer who turned down traditional record label deals to build his own production company that has produced for many of music’s biggest names including Rick Ross, Meek Mill, 2Chains, Yo Gotti, Lecrae, and more.


  • A serial entrepreneur who made his first million dollars at the tender age of 29, later lost it all, got it back, and now spends his time building new ideas, supporting others to achieve great success, and advocating for improved educational opportunities for underserved youth, specifically Black boys.


  • A first generation American who was once told by her elementary school teacher that she was ‘stupid’ and ‘could not learn’, who became an academic overachiever and an award-winning journalist, acclaimed mystery novelist, thoughtful writer, and beloved college professor.


Our inspiring keynotes and interviews will feature the real-life stories of inspiring people and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. We’re not giving you the standard ‘view from the top’ lectures or the typical ‘you can do it because I did’ pep talks. We’re providing you with a surge of motivation from people who are making things happen from the middle. Our speakers are going to share their imperfect, ugly stories filled with hard-won lessons. You’ll hear inspiring talks with actionable steps you can implement RIGHT NOW from ordinary people who have had the courage to attempt extraordinary things.


Refine your vision.


Most emerging and aspiring entrepreneurial leaders have big visions and an even bigger drive to accomplish them. This is why it is critically important to surround yourself with people who think just like you. It’s great to have a sounding board to bounce off your wildest, craziest ideas. Their advice and feedback will help you get more focused, and refine your vision as you go along.


It’s also critically important to hear from people who’ve been in the same position as you are right now. That’s where DreamFest will provide tremendous value. You’ll be able to hear about the ideas others have turned into successful businesses. Perhaps their methods will help you tweak your own vision as you go forward.


Know your truth.


Leadership is a tricky game. So is entrepreneurship. It is important to understand where you are on your journey to both. It is easy to distracted or discouraged when you pay too much attention to some one else’s path.


DreamFest Digital will help you keep your feet on solid ground because you’ll get to hear from different leaders who are at different points on their journey to success. After listening to their stories, you’ll find out that you’re exactly where you need to be at this exact moment.


Understand your value.


One of the trickiest things to nail down in business is to determine your worth. Our speakers have experienced the ups and downs that come with knowing and acting on the value they’ve set for themselves. We’re sure they’ll share tips and strategies to help you improve this aspect of your entrepreneurial toolbox.


Create your game plan.


Hear from the folks who’ve gone from dream to goal to plan to reality. They’re going to be giving their best advice on how to create a game plan that ultimately helps you realize your dream.


Get into action.


No plan works unless you do. The biggest aspect of DreamFest is that it is designed to give action steps to turn your dream into a reality. Each speaker is set to give you action steps that you can implement right now in order to move out of the ideation stage and get into action. Get your plan together.


Play to win.


You have to play to win. You can’t worry about failures or mistakes or things not going the way you planned. You can’t sweat the small stuff.


Embrace your failures.


You’re going to fail. IT happens to all of us. Our speakers have likely experienced far more failures than they have wins, and that’s OK. They didn’t let that stop them.


They know the truth about failure. The key to failure is ‘to gain as much from you losses as you do your successes.’


Respect the process. 


Everything takes time – most certainly leadership. Success does not happen overnight. Wins don’t happen in a millisecond. And it takes more than one minute to earn your first million.


Dreamers to doers, like our speakers and attendees, know this: the process is not always pretty or comfortable, but it is always worth it.


Live your dream. 


There are two types of people in this world: those who dream the dream and those who live it. The entire purpose of DreamFest is for you to keep dreaming and take action to live it.


BONUS: Support the (future) success of other people.


We’re all about paying it forward. That’s exactly what we’re going to do with DreamFest Digital. We’re going to give significant portions of our proceeds to FOUR (yes, four!!!!!) organizations that are committed to preparing others to become successful. These are: Purpose Preparatory Academy, an academically rigorous charter school in north Nashville; Boys Prep Catalyst, a foundation that starts public schools to nurture urban black boys to success in high school, college, and beyond; Boarding Pass Program, a program ran by ExPat Women of Color that takes high-school aged girls abroad to experience the academic, artistic, and career offerings in another country; and the Business Garden, a Nashville startup aimed at providing resources, support, and office space for female entrepreneurs.


And, of course, the entire conference is designed to help other people (read: YOU!) be put on the path to success.


EXTRA BONUS: You don’t have to go anywhere!


Remember, this conference is completely digital. You don’t have to go anywhere – all you have to do is log on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer to access the speakers.k And while we’ll have a set agenda, replays of our video keynotes and presentations will be available for one week for you to watch at your leisure.


See? We told you it was going to be amazing.


Convinced? Of course you are!


Log on to to register for your tickets.



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