How to build a business when facing adversity

with Tiffany Gillespie


We are proud to introduce The Live Your Brand Show! You may be asking yourself what it means to “live your brand.” How does your daily life affect your business, and vice versa? And what happens when life decides to put obstacles in the way of your success?


We recently sat down with Tiffany Gillespie, owner of To the T Events and Catering, to discuss how she has managed to build a successful business despite facing personal and professional adversity. Tiffany joyfully described her experience in finding her true calling, applying it to business, being present in every moment, and persevering through hard times.


Follow and learn more about Tiffany Gillespie here, and her company, To the T Events and Catering here. You can also follow To the T Events and Catering on Facebook and Instagram.

To learn more about Tiffany’s story and what it means to live your brand, listen to the full podcast now!

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