How to Work with Family and Friends

With Rashelle Rule

Working with your family and/or close friends can be a headache! Many times, the business dynamic changes so much when we are employing or working with our family and friends. But with the right amount of patience and respect, it can be a rewarding experience. We spoke with one half of the husband-wife team that founded Wide Open Food Company and Anything Sauces, Rashelle Rule. Rachelle has been running a family-owned business for 15 years. Currently, she works alongside her husband, Martee, and two sons to produce and market Anything Sauces. We discussed the struggles and joys that come with working with family and friends in business. To hear Rachelle’s encouraging story, listen below.



Before the interview, we asked Rashelle to answer a few fun questions for us. These were her answers….


Q: What is your business super power?
A: What do you mean super power?  I AM the super power… yes all things to all departments.  But there truly are many special people in my life that are my rock and my strength.  God and my husband.  I depend on them 100%!


Q: If you weren’t an entrepreneur, what would your career be?
A:  A teacher!  I love to teach, love to help people get a-ha moments.  I don’t know if it’s more me wanting to be loved and needed or wanting others to know they are loved and needed.  I guess since we all want to be loved and needed it’s a combination of both.  But, I do love to share my expertise and wisdom, and that is supposed to be funny. Most of the time I have no idea how I’m doing what I’m doing or going where I’m going, that’s where I just have to sit back and have faith.


Q: What is the biggest lesson you learned since starting your business?
A:  It’s a LOT more complex and a lot more expensive to “bust into the market”.  You got to really find the very very tip of the spear and that can be difficult with so many options, opportunities, connections, and directions.  When starting up, you just can’t do it all at once and I have always been known for someone that tries to eat “the whole elephant in one bite”.  It’s impossible!  It’s a never ending, infinite, unlimited maze of directions and decisions, and that is why you really need to hone down who you are, what you want and where your going.  If not, you’re all over the map!


Q: Apple or PC? Why?
A:  Apple… we all have one.  I used to have PC, but it’s been several years ago.  I would get so irritated! Constant lag and issues.  I spent half my time trying to get the computed to work.  With Mac… no issues, hardly ever!


Q: Tell us one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you.
A:  I am a minister and a counselor and helped build a school in the inner city for creative young missionaries. Before that, I was a high school teacher, Special Ed, and worked with emotional and behaviorally challenged teens.  Both seasons were a very rewarding time in my life. My husband and I have always been entrepreneurs, but loving and helping people be the best they can be has been a staple in my life.


Q: How can people connect with you online?
A: If you really want to chat email me at [email protected].



To connect with Rashelle or Anything Sauces, visit You can also follow Anything Sauces on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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