How to Use Self-Reflection to Become a Stronger Leader

With Trillion Small

Are you where you want to be? As entrepreneurs and leaders we spend a lot of time looking towards the future. We like planning what comes next. That’s why it is so important to remember that taking time out of our busy schedules to look into our past can move us closer to the future. This week we sat down to speak about the important of self-reflection and self-awareness with entrepreneur and author, Trillion Small. Trillion, Founder of The Trillion Small Company, shared why understanding our hearts and identifying our past struggles can help to shape you into a better leader and business owner. Listen to the full podcast now to learn more about the benefits of self-reflection.



Before the interview, we were able to ask Trillion a few fun questions to help us get to know her better…


Q: What is your business super power?

A: When necessary I can learn and play whatever role I need to be. That’s part of entrepreneurship for many people in the beginning. You have to learn to wear several hats all at once. I’ve been my own PR, marketing agent, website designer, assistant, content editor, etc…If the super power had to have a name it’d probably be called Octopus.


Q: If you weren’t an entrepreneur, what would your career be?

A: Well, I always knew that I wanted to work for myself even as a teenager but if I worked for someone else I’d probably enjoy being a doctor. But then again I’d eventually want to own my own practice.


Q: What is the biggest lesson you learned since starting your business?

A: I learned how to pace myself and how to be okay with slow and small beginnings! I use to try to jump in the deep end of the ocean without truly knowing how to swim. I never “drowned” but oh I did experience some unnecessary weariness that I probably could have avoided if I was simply patient. If I could sum it all up I’d say that in due time everything will fall into place.


Q: Apple or PC? Why?

A: Apple. Because that is what I am use to now. I use to be a PC’er until I got “converted”.


Q: Tell us one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you.

A: Well I secretly am in love with the art of dance. I rarely, if ever, talk about it or even display it. I just feel like a different person when I dance. It’s like nothing in the world matters for that time being! It’s a feeling that I can’t quite explain! I even happy dance when I am eating something really delicious, lol.


Q: How can people connect with you online?

A: My website is and I am on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (@trillionsmall)



Hear the full podcast HERE.

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