How to tell a meaningful brand story that will return a profit

With Kia Jarmon

What story does your brand tell? What is the emotion you want your audience to feel? We recently had the chance to answer these and many more great questions with the brilliant Kia Jarmon. Since launching the MEPR Agency in 2006, Kia has quickly become one of Nashville’s leading public relations and brand strategists. We were lucky enough to be able to sit down and hear about Kia’s rise to success, and snag a few of her best branding and PR tips. Hear the full interview and learn how you can tell a better brand story below.


Before the interview, we asked Kia to answer a few fun questions for us. These were her answers…

Q: What is your business super power?
A: Magician; I pull magical – fairy dust sprinkled – rabbits out of my hat.

Q: If you weren’t an entrepreneur, what would your career be?
A: If not in PR, I’d be a lawyer. Still an entrepreneur, still protecting clients.

Q: What is the biggest lesson you learned since starting your business?
A: Biggest lesson: listen to your gut; your initial thought is almost always going to be the best decision.
Second biggest lesson: hire slowly, fire quickly. Don’t let a client or an employee hold you hostage when it’s not a good fit.

Q: Apple or PC? Why?
A: Apple products all day. Faster, more efficient, no viruses.

Q: How can people connect with you online?
A: People can connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram by searching my name or MEPR Agency; I can also be found at or


Listen to the full podcast now!

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