How to get out of your own way to produce results

With Audria Richmond

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level, and start earning the profit you deserve? I had the extreme pleasure of recently chatting with the lovely Audria Richmond, founder of the Building Big Brands Agency. As a branding and marketing consultant, Audria provided us with a few of her best kept secrets for building bigger, better brands. A few tips included being clear about what you want, knowing your industry, and being transparent. To hear how you can apply these tips and others, listen to the full podcast below!


Before the interview, we asked Audria to answer a few fun questions for us. These were her answers…


Q: What is your business super power?
A: Creating ideas and taking fast action.


Q: If you weren’t an entrepreneur, what would your career be?
A: Personal development (which I think I will be moving into this year).


Q: What is the biggest lesson you learned since starting your business?
A: It’s ok to quit things that you don’t like, and always be open to failure.


Q: Apple or PC? Why?
A: Apple. It’s the only computer for people who don’t want to be normal.


Q: How can people connect with you online?


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Hear the full interview here

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