How to Build a Personal Brand that Propels your Career

With Sidney Outlaw

Are you reaching the level of success that you want? Does your audience consider you to be an expert in your industry? Your success just may greatly depend on your personal brand and the story that brand tells about you. This week we had the pleasure of speaking with our friend, Sidney Outlaw, about how one’s personal brand can set the tone for their whole career. Sidney shared about his experience building his personal brand, and how it has positively influenced his career as an opera singer. To learn more about building a positive personal brand, and to hear Sidney Outlaw’s delightfully entertaining story, listen to the full interview below!



Before the interview, we picked Sidney’s brain a bit for fun. These were his answers to our questions…

Q: What is your business super power?

A: To use my art as a means of diplomacy!


Q: If you weren’t an entrepreneur, what would your career be?

A: An educator in the conservatory.  I have a knack for teaching. Or I’d be an artist manager ….I still may do those things who knows!


Q: What is the biggest lesson you learned since starting your business?

A: Listening to understand and not listening to respond.  I also learned  patience!  I seem to be great at the waiting game. I wait well. HELL, I’m still waiting…


Q: Apple or PC? Why?

A:  Apple. It’s just easier for my brain…I’m a Virgo. ( I also was an apple user long before it was popular- we’re talking Season 1 of sex and the city when Carrie Bradshaw had the old black laptop sitting on her bed in the apartment above the Chinese Restaurant).


Q: Tell us one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you.

A:  I’m apart of a Olympic weight lifting club here in NYC called “City Oly” as well as Crossfit Bell.  It kind of requires me to step outside of my comfort zone for 2 hours a day and do something I probably did not think I could do or never thought I would do.


Q: How can people connect with you online?

A: Facebook -Baritone Sidney Outlaw, Instagram-OperatikCrossfitter, Twitter-Team_Outlaw



To learn more about Sidney Outlaw and hear him perform, visit You can also keep up with Sidney on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.


Listen to the full podcast now!

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