Interview with Monchiere’ Holmes-Jones of The Business Garden

Interview with Monchiere’ Holmes-Jones of The Business Garden

Monchiere' Holmes-Jones

The Business Garden is a creative co-working space for women entrepreneurs in Nashville, TN founded by Monchiere’ Holmes-Jones. Monchiere’ is also the chief brand curator of MOJO Marketing + PR, and a passionate growth hacker with a seasoned background in Marketing, PR, and Brand Strategies. We sat down with her to learn about the mission of the female-only co-working space and all it has to offer.

The Business Garden is one of four organizations that will be supported by DreamFest Digital, our all virtual conference for entrepreneurial leaders. Monchiere’ is also one of the dynamic speakers set to talk about leadership during DreamFest.

What is the mission of the space?

The Business Garden is a creative co-working space that helps women entrepreneurs grow in both business and life.

What makes this space different from other co-working spaces?

The Business Gardens culture is developed around a “Get it Done Together” model, whereas regular execution workshops are planted to help women entrepreneurs “Get It Done.”

How does a co-working space for women benefit the entrepreneurs who join?

Nashville has many thriving co-working spaces, but none of them cultivate the dynamic lifestyle of the everyday women entrepreneur.  I found that there is a need for the woman passionpreneur to scale up her business in a creative and collaborating space among like-minded ambitious women.

Where did the idea for this space come from?  

As a founder of an empowerment collective for women entrepreneurs and passionpreneurs, Goal Minds International, I’ve created a regional network of women who thrive on collaboration and are seeking to create with purpose.

What is the growth rate of female entrepreneurs?  

In all demographics, women are starting businesses at an exponential rate in the U.S. with top cities in Tennessee leading the pack, like Nashville, Franklin, and Murfreesboro, TN.

Do you think it can make women feel more comfortable working in a female-only space? 

Definitely. Women’s participation is often based on their comfort levels in relation to the culture and aesthetics of their environment.



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