Five Ways to Generate Sales Leads – AWAY from the Computer

Five Ways to Generate Sales Leads – AWAY from the Computer

Step away from the computer.

I repeat:

Step away from the computer (after you read this blog post, of course).

Listen, I know you think you should live on your computer. You should be writing thousands of blog posts for your own blog site and for others. You should be appearing on local and national podcasts, radio shows, talk shows and more. You should be securing press for your business and you should be developing an automated digital sales funnel that gets you leads on autopilot. Most of all, you should live on social media.



I think there are other solid ways to generate qualified sales leads without having to take over the internet. While I do believe that digital marketing done right is highly effective, it should not be the only tool in your marketing arsenal. In fact, the best marketing plans combine a mixture of digital marketing and traditional, in-person lead generators.

How else can you market and generate sales leads if not on Facebook? Or Periscope? Or by doing webinars? Pinterest?

Look no further. Below are five ways to generate sales leads away from your computer.

Go speak.

Participate in a panel discussion or volunteer to be the keynote speaker for an awards program, business luncheon or other special ceremony. Continuously securing opportunities to tell your story to your intended audience will automatically put you top of mind when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Teach a class.

You have skills. You have expertise. Why not share your genius with the folks who need it? Try creating a free course that showcases your expertise, positions you as an expert in your industry, and offers potential clients undeniable value. After offering your stellar course, you’ll be surprise how many people are lining up to purchase your products and services.


People only do business with those whom they like, know and trust. In order to be on the list of those liked, known and trusted, you have to make connections, build relationships and nurture your contacts. I’m not saying walk up to every stranger you meet and hand them your business card. I’m asking you to thoughtfully and carefully start genuine conversations with people who could potentially become a customer, partner or collaborator.

Need to get started? Look up networking groups in your area and make a commitment to attend at least one networking function a month. At each function, make an effort to connect with five new people. By the end of the year, you’ll have 60 new valuable business contacts that will either become your customers or your partners or your referrers.

Join a group.

There are several professional organizations that would love to have you as a member. Perhaps you could try to join a local chapter of a national organization that represents your industry. Or, there’s an all-male or all-woman group that would be of interest to you. There could be a groups based around specific interests that are important in your field. You may also have luck joining groups that would be of interest to your target audience (i.e. If I built web sites for dentists, I would join the American Dental Association and/or the National Dental Association). Try doing some research to locate professional groups in your area.

These groups would serve as prime opportunities for you to speak, offer a class and network in effort to increase your visibility, showcase your skills, and, of course, get more leads. Note: there’s often a fee to join professional organizations, but


Donate your skills to an organization about which you are passionate. You’ll be accomplishing two objectives: showing off your dazzling skills and building deep relationships. Volunteering for a great cause is an outstanding way to increase your visibility. I can guarantee you’ll be able to make valuable connections with people who might become your clients or who will recommend your services to their friends.

Of course you’ll want to capture the contact information of every in-person lead you obtain so that you can lead them through your customer relationship management system. Collect business cards, have an e-mail sign up form or some method to be sure you can follow up with these individuals. That way you can nurture the new relationships to turn the strangers you meet into raving customers.

Now, step away from the computer and get to work!

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