10 Ways to Conquer Your Overwhelm and Launch Your Idea

10 Ways to Conquer Your Overwhelm and Launch Your Idea


Are you considering jumping on the wild ride of entrepreneurship?


Or, have you just started business ownership?


I get it. I’ve been in business for nearly seven years, and I understand what it is like to grow a business from the ground up. I totally get the butterflies and thrills that come along with the idea of running a successful enterprise.


Sure, there are lots of exciting things about business ownership. The promise of riches, time flexibility, following your passion, making a difference, and becoming your own ‘boss’ are among them. However, greater than the promises of entrepreneurship is the stark reality that if you don’t build a solid foundation or if you don’t stop planning and get into action, your business may fail before it even gets off the ground.


Since I’ve started my business, I’ve experienced many of the ups and downs associated with business ownership. I’ve experienced great success including an overflow of clients and a great cash flow. I’ve also met hundreds of new small business owners who can’t seem to move beyond the ideation stage and get into action.


I want to help.


Here are 10 Ways to Conquer Your Overwhelm and Launch Your Idea:


Write Your Vision.


Write the vision. Make it plan. That’s what one highly regarded book says.


It becomes a lot easier to deal with overwhelm when you have a clear idea of what it is you want to accomplish. Putting something down in black and white helps you to process your vision and is the first step to make it a reality.


Break it Up Into Goals.


Break down your vision into steps. Once you do this, you will have several big goals to accomplish year. These goals are the key things you need to accomplish in order to realize your vision. Write these steps down, too.


Create Action Steps for each goal.


Once you set your goals, you’ll need to take steps to achieve them. Determine what specific action steps you need to take to realize your goals. You might have a few action steps or several for each goal. However many you have, get them down on paper.


Set Deadlines.


For each action step you write down, put an end date next to it. Begin working on your action steps knowing there is a clear end in sight for each one. Get to work on moving through these steps.



This is the most important step. You have to get into action. It won’t be perfect, so don’t wait on that. You may not ever have ‘enough’ money, so don’t wait on that. Just do it.


Learn (fail).

To let some uber successful entrepreneurs tell it, there is no such thing as failure. They say failure is only an opportunity to learn something new.


You will fail at something – big or small. The key is to learn from it. (I keep saying this over and over.)


Get back up.


You. Will. Fall. This is a fact. No one who is successful has an experience of only pixie dust and fairy tales. Leadership is hard. Being a capital-F founder is probably even harder. So what if you get knocked down, that comes with the territory. What is that you get back up. Once you get over the fact that falling – repeatedly – is a part of the game, it will make it easier for you to keep on rising after the fall.


Don’t sweat it. Just do it.


Be easy on yourself.


This one is a hard one. It is easy for those who us who are doggedly pursuing excellence to be overly self critical when things aren’t panning out. Stop it. You should be applauding yourself for even taking the step to make something happen. Be nice to yourself.


Remember your why.


It is much easier to accomplish your vision once to have a clear idea of why you’re doing it. Whether you’re aiming to motivate yourself or rally your team around your plan, always ALWAYS place your WHY at the forefront.


Focus on the big picture.


Leaders should understand things happening at the ground level, of course. But successful leaders don’t focus on the minutia. Get out of the weeds and get your head in the clouds and keep your feet moving in action. That’s how the big stuff happens.


Feeling a little less overwhelmed? I hope so.


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